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Blue Coyote
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Blue Coyote


About the Book

Sequel to the award-winning Twelve Days in August, Blue Coyote follows Alex Beekman—a star soccer player, surfer, and budding graphic artist—to Los Angeles, where he searches for his lost friend Tito. Alex gathers clues from surfers, lifeguards, and a tattoo shop, then gets caught in a raging brush fire as he seeks to uncover the meaning behind Tito’s disappearance and faces the truth he has hidden from himself. An adventure that addresses issues of friendship, family, and sexual identity.

Awards and Distinctions

Lambda Literary Award nomination
New York Public Library Books for the Teenage, 1998
Project 21 Book, 1998


“[An] earnest, heartfelt sequel to Twelve Days in August … Intense and rewarding.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Behind the Book

FAQ: What inspired you to write this story?

My readers! A number of you wrote to me, after reading Twelve Days in August, and asked: “What about Alex? When will you tell his story?” I wrote the book in response to those questions. Also, my characters often seem real to me. When I finish a book, I hate to leave them behind. I wanted to know more about Alex, just as my readers did.

FAQ: Why did you write two books about homophobia and gay issues?

Although I’m a straight writer, I have many close gay and lesbian friends who have shared their stories about the pain and confusion they faced growing up. I am also very concerned about the violence against gays and lesbians in our culture and hope that my books will help young people to stop and think before they make nasty remarks or lash out against anyone who seems different. I’m proud to live in a state—Massachusetts—that was the first in the country to legalize gay marriage. It’s wonderful that gay marriage is now legal in many other states as well.
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